How To Keep Golf Glove Tacky

I’m like you – prolong your investments! And so I make glove maintenance/cleaning a bit of a science.

Being in humid Alabama, I used to buy WeatherSofs, but found I didn’t like the feel, and they don’t clean well for me.

I’ve gone to FJ SciFlex, and really like them so far. A few more $$ per glove than WeatherSofs, but higher quality, to me (and a much softer feel).

Depending on the heat/humidity here, I cycle through 3-5 gloves per round in the summer (and soak every one through by the end of the round). Post-round I take an extra few minutes to prolong their life. I pull them off the bag and gently stretch each back to form, straighten them, and lay them stretched across my towel in the cabin (not in the trunk with the clubs!). Once at home, I take them inside, lightly stretch them again as needed, and hang them each over a rail in the house to dry in-form.

After ~4-5 rounds (when they start showing dirt and losing feel), I wash them. You can do that by hand with a little dish-soap and cold water (never use hot water!), but I’ve had great success (and it requires much less effort) tossing them in the washing machine on cold/gentle. Once finished, I simply stretch them gently back to form (a little light massaging on the leather) and hang them to dry for 10-12 hours (overnight).

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I notice a huge difference in their life by following the above practice, and it requires only a couple of minutes effort post-round, and a few more on the wash/hang-dry.

I find that, after drying, they will feel a tiny bit stiff, but you can put them on one-by-one, and gently massage over the leather, and it will quickly soften, and you’ll really appreciate the feel of a clean glove.

Key points:

  • Don’t package them back up post-round, especially wet!
  • Don’t leave them on the bag/in-trunk post-round. They will dry crumpled
  • No matter your wash method (hand/machine), only use cold water
  • To dry them, never use heat! Only hang-dry stretched to form
  • Stretch/massage them post-round, then again when hanging post-wash
  • Be disciplined about this process; one lazy leave in the trunk/on-bag can mean glove=toast
  • My gloves last me about 5-6 wash cycles before the leather starts to give up the ghost

Hope that helped!


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