When Did Jeff Kaplan Leave Overwatch

Wrong and lie. Overwatch has been loosing players and being a worse game since a long time ago. Kaplan just was flanders doing weekly youtube videos for the community saying nothing and promises in the future

People got tired, nothing really changed, we got casual events and new skins forever, people finally quit

Overwatch 2 launch: blizzard marketing is top tier, anything cant beat blizzard on this, again hype and more hype tons of players coming back, a lot of new players. Same situation played the game, get addicted, find many issues, frustation and finally quit. We are in step 2 at this moment, just wait a year and you will see

For some people take a week, for others a month, and the most addicted can take years.

I gonna refresh your memory: Doomfist launch/meta, Brig launh/meta, Road hooks bypassing walls for 2 years or more, mei not freezing with left click for a whole month. 3 tanks 3 supports meta, double shields meta, if you are not playing the meta you are not going to win in diamond+

Overwatch league launch: Garbage spectator view, say goodbye to any chance to have liquid vs fnatic grand finals, now competitive scene was london cold vs new york fire sponsored by blizzard and 90% of players from korea

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Overwatch worldcup: First big show, showing ultra meta teams and how boring was same heroes vs same heroes in both teams

What overwatch needed and need?:

More playstyles, more team comps, more ways to counters = More heroes, but for real not just 2 new heroes in 2 years A solid anticheat, matchmaker, calibration system, and report system: Yea this is the worse probly boosting your girlfriend mercy to masters its amazing i guess, or reporting someone until he gets ban becaue you just not like his voice or the way he said you are bad at the game its also amazing right

More maps: Gamemodes were fine, old map needed tweaks, and the game need map pick and ban, also heroe pick and ban

competitive: Rework on camera view, and actual teams playing the league for each region, twitch its also needed it

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