When Is Baddies West Reunion Part 2

The Baddies West reunion part 2 release date is on fans’ minds after part 1’s premiere full episode showed “not even two mins of action,” despite the explosive trailer which showed cast members fighting left, right, and center.

When Baddies West reunion part 1 came out on May 14, The Zeus Network subscribers were eager to see what went down with Natalie Nunn, Tommie Lee, Stunna Girl, DJ Sky, and the rest of the cast.

However, many are now eager for part 2 having seen more than 40 minutes of talking between co-hosts Stevie J and Janeisha John and the Baddies West stars. Reality Titbit can reveal the upcoming release date.

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Baddies reunion part 2 release date

Baddies West reunion’s second episode is coming out on Sunday, May 21. A series of fights are all set to play out, including security stepping in to stop an altercation between Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn.

Executive producer and cast member Natalie says it “might be the craziest reunion we’ve ever had,” following the drama that went on on social media. She also says she’s going to “tag that a**” when discussing Tommie.

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And it’s not just her that has a feud with Tommie. Scotty also fights Tommie in the wild reunion. Rollie tells Nat, “Get her [Tommie],” which was unexpected by fans, and Cat later says to Nat, “You got me f***ed up.”

Baddies West reunion part 1 full episode

Baddies West reunion part 1’s full episode can be viewed on The Zeus Network. You will need to subscribe to watch the content, which will set you back $5.99 monthly or $59.99 for the entire year.

The episode lasts for 59 minutes, 48 minutes of which included the cast discussing their social media beef. However, the upcoming Baddies West reunion part 2 is set to include a lot more drama.

Part 1 came out at 8pm, while the upcoming episode is expected to air at the same time. The supertrailer came out on May 7, which had fans thinking the fights would air in the first episode, but they’ll have to wait!

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Fans share disappointment over Part 1

When Baddies West reunion part 1 came out, fans were excited after the trailer teased explosive drama. However, almost an hour in, no drama had broken out, as shown in the teaser.

One fan wrote: “When tf is part 2 of #baddieswest coming out this ain’t fair.”

Another penned on Twitter: “Idk why you all getting happy lmao part one finna be 46 mins backstage and 1 min of what’s gonna happen in part 2 #BaddiesWest.”

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“Just go ahead and give us part two of baddies west reunion, this one had too much talking,” reacted a viewer.

Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images


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