When Is Ssense Sale 2023

Every year, the SSENSE sale puts our willpower to the ultimate test. Despite our best intentions to budget better, we simply can’t resist the temptation of a good deal during sales season—especially if it means crossing a few gift ideas off the holiday list too. And if you’re recovering retail-therapy apologists like us, it’s hard to suppress the urge to splurge when you’re being offered a sweet home deal in return—especially if that deal means earning up to 60% off, which is exactly what SSENSE is offering right now as part of their end of year sale. Consider this a little treat to take the winter’s edge off! Watching the markdowns descend can feel like gambling as you wait for prices to drop while the items loaded in your cart are still in stock.

Before we dig into the good stuff, let’s break down how Canada-based SSENSE plays into the greater online shopping landscape. There are some places you zip to when you know exactly what you want. But then there are the special places you keep in your back pocket—the ones that constantly win you the title of “best gift giver” time and time again. SSENSE falls into the second group. You could lose entire afternoons on ssense.com, digging through page after page of luxury fashion—they stock both women’s clothing and menswear—and adding to your wishlist. The labels are names known around the world: Acne Studios, Off-White, Nike, Adidas, Balmain, Ganni, Loewe, Balenciaga, Gucci, Maison Margiela, and Jacquemus, to name just a few. There are just as many accessory options (don’t sleep on the wallets), and the sale items are a must-browse. But you have to hit that checkout pretty quick—items sell quickly and discounted prices are often only available for a limited time.

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But don’t get too distracted by all the fashion-forward loafers, cargo pants, puffer jackets, and leather pants. For this year’s SSENSE sale, we picked 50 of the best items from the extremely well-curated Everything Else section (along with a few comfy articles of clothing) that are currently up for grabs, though the discount does apply to items sitewide—no promo code required. (A round of applause for Lori Legaspi-Moores, VP of Merchandising for Everything Else.) Trust us when we say that you won’t have buyer’s remorse from taking advantage of any of these deals. While their clothes might run minimalist, their home goods tell an entirely different story. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling!

The Best Picks from the SSENSE Sale:

  • Louis Poulsen Red Panthella 160 Portable Lamp: $405, now $304
  • Henry Holland Studio Green & White Ceramic Mug: $100, now $80
  • Rui Purple Wool Blanket: $455, now $341
  • Ann Demeulemeester White Serax Edition Boho Chair: $1200, now $900
  • Nordic Knots Tan Jute Border Rug: $495, now $371

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