Why Should You Reward Yourself For Your Accomplishments

Often when you do something, you hope to get a reward. It can be an appreciation, a promotion, an increase in your savings or pay stub, gifts, certificates, and so on. After all, it is human nature that until and unless we truly see the results of what we did, our mind does not set itself in the proper form and keep self-motivated. So, when you show more productivity at work, you expect the reward in the form of a promotion or an increase in your earnings. Similarly, when you start eating healthy or exercising regularly, you expect your body weight to reduce.

However, these rewards take time; since then, it has been practically impossible to keep yourself self-motivated. Plus, you will feel like you need to do more, or your approaches need to be more. As a result, discouragement and demotivating thoughts will cloud your brain. So, finding any inspiration to continue with your habits sounds impossible. The best way to get out of such situations is to reward yourself for every little habit you adopt.

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This article will share further details on rewarding yourself and the best ways to achieve self-motivation and self-inspiration for new habits.

What Do You Mean By “Jobs Well Done”?

The first thing that you need to know is what exactly we mean by jobs well done. First, you often change your habits and tweak how you do a certain thing. If the results are productive, you can consider those changes to be a type of job well done. Similarly, when you let go of a bad habit and adopt a new one, it also means that your job is well done.

All in all, we can say that anything that makes you feel elated, happy, and satisfied and can earn prospective rewards can be considered a job well done. These jobs are healthier and better for you, not anyone else. If you do something that makes someone happy at the cost of your elation, that will be a job that could be better done. This is because, until and unless you are happy, you won’t be able to make someone else happy from the inside.

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Why It is Important to Reward Yourself?

Now it’s time to understand the importance of rewarding yourself. If you truly understand what it means to self-reward or self-appreciate yourself, you will only be able to plan how to do that daily and see the results. So, the following are some reasons why self-rewarding has become so important.

  1. The first and foremost benefit is keeping yourself motivated and inspired for a long time. When you reward yourself, it will build up over time, and you will be elated to see how little changes in your habit or adopting a new habit has brought positive results.
  2. With rewarding yourself, you will always need to focus on keeping good habits, no matter what. Your brain will be apparent between the conscience behind the good habit and how you reward yourself.
  3. You can save a lot of money when you switch to good habits and try to assess the rewards in terms of monetary value. For example, when you turn vegan and discard every animal-based product, you will not only see a reduction in your body weight, but you can save a lot of money. This kind of reward will keep you motivated to continue with the vegan lifestyle.
  4. Self-rewarding won’t let discouragement become a roadblock for you. When you start rewarding yourself, you will find happiness and feel encouraged to continue the work. This will prove to be extremely helpful, especially in cases when you have faced disappointment earlier in adopting the habit.
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How To Reward Yourself For Your New Achievements And Habits?

The above section explains how self-reward can help you continue with sound and newly adopted habits. But the main question is how you can achieve so!

First, try to maintain the habit by doing things aligned with the thought behind the habit and sustainability.

Refrain from rewarding yourself in a manner that can harm your monetary standing because there is no way it will be aligned with the outcomes of the excellent result. Also, you have to repeat the activities frequently, if not daily. This will build up the reward faster and make you feel more confident each day. Always compare what used to happen in the past and now to see the differences, as that will help your mind adopt the new habit quickly.

Boost Your Productivity and Upgrade Your Knowledge Today

This article introduced the importance of adopting good habits and rewarding yourself on time. In addition, you also know some of how you can reward yourself when you do something good. You must keep up the habit and continue rewarding yourself while keeping the thought behind the habit and sustainability in mind.

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