What Aquarium Is In Finding Dory

The adventure takes Dory to the California-based Marine Life Institute, a rescue and rehabilitation center and premiere aquarium. The MLI is vast, with an array of pools and educational exhibits. Some earlier reports said that before the movie Blackfish was released, the location was initially planned as a Sea World-style theme park. However, producer Lindsey Collins writes that off as the evolution of the idea.

When we first talked about it, it was all coming from a place like, where would a family be? How would she not have found them? Like how can we explain what she knows from the first film, like speaking whale and being able to read? So that kind of led us to being like, maybe she was in some sort of aquarium environment, because maybe that would lend itself to having those kind of… we loved the thought of, we laid clues kind of in the first film without knowing it. Now when you watch this film, you’re like, wait a minute, now I understand why she knows how to read. Like, why else would she know how to read? And so that’s kind of where it came from. And as kind of the idea I think [Andrew] had of having her be in, having been kind of from a facility, like an aquarium. And then it went all over the place. We went and found every research path. And then ultimately landed on some place like kind of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and then Marine Mammal Rescue. … And then it kind of also allowed us to kind of delve into a little bit of, if all of these other characters she meets also have just something a little bit off with them that would require kind of care, like that there was something really nice about her kind of being surrounded by characters that are all dealing with their own issues. And that we were able to use those as mirrors as how she felt about herself. So it kind of evolved from there.

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Stanton backs up his producer, saying that the research led them to a more research-style facility. I mentioned to Stanton that the Finding Nemo ride in EPCOT at Walt Disney World actually ends at an aquarium/marine research facility, almost as if it predicted this sequel. Stanton and his producer seemed shocked to realize this, as if it had never occurred to them before. Stanton admits, “That’s so funny,” while his producer Collins is willing to take credit after the fact, “There you go, it’s like we meant it.”

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