Who Is Ben Shelton’s Girlfriend

Benjamin Todd Shelton is an American professional tennis player who is currently enjoying his best performance in a Grand Slam. After a year that was met with constant failures, Shelton certainly had to take a step back and make certain changes. He returned to the sport with great panache and bulldozed past every opponent in the US Open.

Now, he will face Novak Djokovic in the semifinal in what is poised to be a great match. Shelton is currently in the mind of every tennis fan, and now they want to know all about the player.

How old is Ben Shelton?

Shelton was born on October 9, 2002, in Atlanta, Georgia, and is now 20 years old. Shelton has developed into a player for the future despite not having played tennis professionally for a very long time. He preferred to play football as a child instead of tennis.

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Tennis – Australian Open – Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia – January 15, 2023 Ben Shelton of the U.S. during a practice session REUTERS/Loren Elliott

Despite the fact that both of his parents were involved in tennis, they never pushed him to take up the game. Shelton began playing tennis routinely at the age of 12 under the instruction of his father, Bryan.

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Diving deep into Ben Shelton’s dating life

Ben Shelton made his relationship with Anna Hall official on Instagram in December 2021 by posting a series of adorable photographs of the couple vacationing in Naples, Florida. They showed him piggybacking on his girlfriend in the sea before gently stroking her cheek in what was an intimate beach moment.

The following year, Shelton was seen beaming with delight as he joined Hall for a group photo to honor the finalists of The Bowerman 2022, an honor given to the best collegiate track and field competitors.

Since they began dating in 2021, the 20-year-old tennis player has kept his love life away from the public eye. He has only uploaded a few images of the track star, who is 22. Last year, he broke his silence to comment on their relationship.

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Shelton noted that the 2016 USTA junior national championship winner and the heptathlete, who participates in seven different events, including hurdles and javelin, continues to push her boyfriend to give his best.

Does Ben Shelton have a girlfriend?

When Shelton and Hall were together, they frequently kept specifics of their relationship private. But some fans wondered about the status of the couple’s relationship when the stars stopped posting pictures with each other on their social media accounts. Apparently, the two have broken up with no signs that they will begin dating again.

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Why did Ben Shelton break up with Anna Hall?

It is unknown when they split up at this point, but Shelton disclosed the news during an interview with Tennis Unfiltered podcast host James Grey. During the podcast, the third or fourth question was about him being on tour in Europe for the first time, but it must be good to have his girlfriend with him at such a special time. Gray felt she was probably travelling across Europe on tour as well because she had recently turned pro or entered the professional circuit.

Shelton’s reply confirmed the split as he said, “And [Shelton] smiled as he looked over at the press person he was with.” ‘Actually, we broke up a few weeks ago’.”

As of now, neither Hall nor Shelton have made any public comments about the breakup. They had been together for about a year and a half.

Shelton and Hall were dating some time ago, but as per some new reports, the two have broken up. Regardless of their split, the two are now focusing completely on their sport.

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